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May 07, 2012

The YeastGeome app splash screen on an iPad.

SGD has just released an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ap(p)tly called “YeastGenome”, containing the latest Saccharomyces cerevisiae information from the database, available now as a free download on iTunes. Search by gene names, gene descriptions or simply browse for quick access to Gene Ontology annotations, mutant phenotypes and protein and genetic interaction data for your favorite genes – all at your fingertips!

Use YeastGenome to:

  • Search using gene name or keywords
  • Browse by genomic feature types
  • Save your favorite genomic features
  • Quickly see fundamental genomic feature information
  • Find Gene Ontology terms, Phenotypes, Interactions, and References associated with genomic features

… with or without an internet connection!

How many ATP-dependent RNA helicases is the S. cerevisiae genome known to encode? Which proteins have a zinc finger motif? Now you can answer these questions and more with the YeastGenome app, whether you’re in line at the supermarket or having lunch with your colleagues or attending a seminar with no wifi-access! Get your friends and colleagues as fired up about The Awesome Power of Yeast as you are – use YeastGenome to email information about genomic features to collaborators and spread the word!

Please read our FAQ or visit iTunes for more information.

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