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SGD Help: Interaction Overview and Network

August 24, 2015

SGD includes data on many thousands of genetic and physical interactions between the genes and proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as curated by our friends at the BioGRID database. We provide two different graphical displays that help you get a very quick and intuitive overview of known interactions for a particular gene or protein.

All interactions for a gene and its product are listed on its interactions page (see an example). At the top of the page, the Interactions Overview shows at a glance how many interactions have been curated and whether they are physical or genetic. This video explains the details of the Interactions Overview diagram:

Farther down on the Interactions page, the Interaction Network is a visual representation of genetic interactions for a particular gene and the protein-protein interactions for its gene product. The network is interactive, allowing you to choose to view either genetic or physical interactions or both. Using the slider, you can set a minimum number of experiments supporting the interactions displayed. Learn how to use the interactive features of the Interaction Network by watching this brief video:

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Links to DRYGIN added to SGD Locus Summary and Interactions pages

June 23, 2012

SGD now provides links from both the Locus Summary and Interactions pages for each S. cerevisiae ORF to DRYGIN (Data Repository of Yeast Genetic Interactions), a database of quantitative genetic interactions of S. cerevisiae (Koh et al., 2010). These genetic interactions were determined from SGA double-mutant arrays conducted in Charles Boone’s laboratory at the University of Toronto, and include both published data (Costanzo et al., 2010) and new interactions released by the Boone laboratory as they become available. Clicking on a DRYGIN link in SGD from an ORF’s Locus Summary or Interactions page goes directly to the DRYGIN search results page for that ORF, which lists both positive and negative genetic interactions as well as any genetic correlations for the given ORF.

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