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HRR25 / YPL204W Sequence

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KTI14 11 12
Protein Product
serine/threonine protein kinase HRR25
Feature Type
ORF , Verified
Conserved casein kinase; regulates diverse events including: vesicular traffic, DNA repair, the CVT pathway, monopolar attachment of sister kinetochores at meiosis I, and ribosomal subunit biogenesis; monopolin subunit; binds the RNAPII CTD; phosphorylates COPII coat subunits; interacts with Sit4p phosphatase; antagonizes calcineurin signaling, reducing nuclear accumulation of Crz1p; phosphorylates Dsn1p, the kinetochore receptor for monopolin; homolog of mammalian CK1delta 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
EC Number