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PSH1 / YOL054W Sequence

Sequences and genome annotation information for Reference Strain S288C and a select set of Alternative References.

Protein Product
ubiquitin-protein ligase PSH1
Feature Type
ORF , Verified
E3 ubiquitin ligase targeting centromere-binding protein Cse4p; mediates polyubiquitination and degradation of histone H3 variant Cse4p; ubiquitination of Cse4p may be antagonized by Scm3p; interacts with the FACT complex preventing mislocalization of Cse4p to euchromatin independent of Slx5p; formyl-methionine/N-recognin component of N-end rule pathway mediating destruction of formylated cytosolic proteins elevated in response to starvation or stationary phase entry 2 3 4 5 6