Literature Help

YMR262W Literature

All manually curated literature for the specified gene, organized by relevance to the gene and by association with specific annotations to the gene in SGD. SGD gathers references via a PubMed search for papers whose titles or abstracts contain “yeast” or “cerevisiae;” these papers are reviewed manually and linked to relevant genes and literature topics by SGD curators.

Unique References

Primary Literature

Literature that either focuses on the gene or contains information about function, biological role, cellular location, phenotype, regulation, structure, or disease homologs in other species for the gene or gene product.

Related Literature

Genes that share literature (indicated by the purple circles) with the specified gene (indicated by yellow circle).


Click on a gene or a paper to go to its specific page within SGD. Drag any of the gene or paper objects around within the visualization for easier viewing and click “Reset” to automatically redraw the diagram.

Additional Literature

Papers that show experimental evidence for the gene or describe homologs in other species, but for which the gene is not the paper’s principal focus.

Interaction Literature

Paper(s) associated with evidence supporting a physical or genetic interaction between the specified gene and another gene in SGD. Currently, all interaction evidence is obtained from BioGRID.

Regulation Literature

Paper(s) associated with one or more pieces of regulation evidence in SGD, as found on the Regulation page.

High-Throughput Literature

Paper(s) associated with one or more pieces of high-throughput evidence in SGD.