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SUP35 / YDR172W Sequence

Sequences and genome annotation information for Reference Strain S288C and a select set of Alternative References.

GST1 8 , PNM2 9 , SAL3 10 , SUF12 11 , SUP2 12 , SUP36 , [PSI(+)] , eRF3 , [PSI]
Protein Product
translation termination factor GTPase eRF3
Feature Type
ORF , Verified
Translation termination factor eRF3; has a role in mRNA deadenylation and decay; altered protein conformation creates the [PSI(+)] prion that modifies cellular fitness, alters translational fidelity by affecting reading frame selection, and results in a nonsense suppressor phenotype; many stress-response genes are repressed in the presence of [PSI(+)] 2 3 4 5 6 7