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SSA1 / YAL005C Sequence

Sequences and genome annotation information for Reference Strain S288C and a select set of Alternative References.

YG100 35
Protein Product
Hsp70 family ATPase SSA1
Feature Type
ORF , Verified
ATPase involved in protein folding and NLS-directed nuclear transport; member of HSP70 family; required for ubiquitin-dependent degradation of short-lived proteins; forms chaperone complex with Ydj1p; localized to nucleus, cytoplasm, cell wall; 98% identical to paralog Ssa2p with different functional specificity in propagation of yeast [URE3] prions, vacuolar-mediated degradations of gluconeogenesis enzymes; general targeting factor of Hsp104p to prion fibrils 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9