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ERV41-ERV46 retrograde receptor complex Overview

GO Annotations consist of four mandatory components: a gene product, a term from one of the three Gene Ontology (GO) controlled vocabularies (Molecular Function, Biological Process, and Cellular Component), a reference, and an evidence code.

Transporter complex that recognises, binds and returns endoplasmic reticulum (ER) resident proteins that have trafficked to Golgi compartments. Targets proteins lacking the HDEL motif recognised by COPI-coated vesicles. Transported back to the Golgi by COPII (CPX-2523) for the next round of retrograde transport.
GO Slim Terms

The yeast GO Slim terms are higher level terms that best represent the major S. cerevisiae biological processes, functions, and cellular components. The GO Slim terms listed here are the broader parent terms for the specific terms to which this gene product is annotated, and thus represent the more general processes, functions, and components in which it is involved.

Golgi vesicle transport, transport, vesicle-mediated transport, membrane