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Reference Genome Annotation Update R64.5

June 19, 2024

The S. cerevisiae strain S288C reference genome annotation was updated. The new genome annotation is release R64.5.1, dated 2024-05-29. Note that the underlying genome sequence itself was not altered. The chromosome sequences remain stable and unchanged.

R64.5 Annotation update summary

This annotation update included (details in table below):

R64.5 Annotation update details

ChrFeatureDescription of changeReference
IIATG12/YBR217WNew uORF chrII:657824..657835, partially overlaps CDSYang Y, et al. (2023) PMID:35363116
IVYDL204W-ANew ORF chrIV:94133..94285Wacholder A, et al. (2023) PMID:37164009
VIYFR035W-ANew ORF chrVI:226260..226550Wacholder A and Carvunis AR (2023) PMID:38048358
VIIYGR016C-ANew ORF chrVII:523353..523246Wacholder A, et al. (2023) PMID:37164009, Chang S, et al. (2023) PMID:37927910
IXEFM4/YIL064WMove start 84 nucleotides downstream, new coordinates chrIX:242027..242716Hamey JJ, et al. (2024)PMID:38199565
IXYIL059CChange ORF qualifier from Dubious to Verified because stable translation product detectedWacholder A and Carvunis AR (2023) PMID:38048358
XIIIYMR106W-ANew ORF chrXIII:480924..481187Wacholder A and Carvunis AR (2023) PMID:38048358
XIVYNL040C-ANew ORF chrXIV:552558..552478Wacholder A, et al. (2023) PMID:37164009
XIVYNL155C-ANew ORF chrXIV:342135..341911Wacholder A and Carvunis AR (2023) PMID:38048358
XVATG19/YOL082WNew uORF chrXV:168632..168679Yang Y, et al. (2023) PMID:35363116
XVIATG5/YPL149W4 new uORFs: chrXVI:271236..271277, chrXVI:271252..271302, chrXVI:271299..271307, chrXVI:271302..271307Yang Y, et al. (2023) PMID:35363116
XVIATG13/YPR185WNew uORF chrXVI:907211..907351, partially overlaps CDSYang Y, et al. (2023) PMID:35363116

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