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New user interface for YeastMine

April 04, 2024

Here at SGD we provide high-quality curated genomic, genetic, and molecular information on the genes and gene products of the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Twelve years ago, in order to accommodate the increasingly complex and diverse needs of researchers for searching and comparing data, SGD implemented InterMine, an open source data warehouse system with a sophisticated querying interface, to create YeastMine.

Today’s news is that we have updated YeastMine to use the new BlueGenes user interface from InterMine. The new interface provides the same functionality you’re already familiar with, wrapped in a new design offering a more interactive experience for exploring and analyzing your data. We are making this switch because AllianceMine at the Alliance of Genome Resources, of which SGD is a founding member, is using the updated interface as well.

YeastMine is a multifaceted search and retrieval environment that provides access to diverse data types. Searches can be initiated with a list of genes, a list of Gene Ontology terms, or lists of many other data types. The results from queries can be combined for further analysis and saved or downloaded in customizable file formats. Queries themselves can be customized by modifying predefined templates or by creating a new template to access a combination of specific data types.

User documentation for the new YeastMine interface is available from InterMine.

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