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How do your papers get into SGD?

October 03, 2023

Members of the yeast community come to SGD to find the latest peer-reviewed budding yeast-specific scientific literature. You could go to Google or PubMed and find huge piles of literature…but then you’d have to slog through the lists and pages to find exactly what you’re looking for. Instead, you skip all that and come straight to SGD, knowing that SGD biocurators do all this vetting for you.

Each Friday night, we cast a wide net, scraping PubMed for any and all new papers, using keywords ‘yeast’ or ‘cerevisiae’. We do this broad search so that we don’t miss anything, but precisely because the search is so broad, we inevitably catch some papers that we end up throwing back. For the papers we keep each week, SGD biocurators “triage” them to attach genes, alleles, protein complexes, and biochemical pathways, and to identify papers that warrant further attention because they contain curatable phenotypes, functional annotations, regulatory relationships, post-translational modifications, disease associations, or large-scale datasets, etc.

SGD lists all the new papers on the ‘Literature Recently Added to SGD‘ page, with the newest papers added each day at the very top. This page includes all papers added to SGD within the past 30 days. In the past this page has just listed the papers. We recently made it more useful by adding the list of attached genes, alleles, protein complexes, and biochemical pathways (the ‘entities’) for each paper. Now you can search (i.e., ‘find in page’, +F, Ctrl+F) for your favorite gene(s) each week to see if any new papers have made it into SGD, so that you stay updated on research related to your area of study.

Access the ‘Literature Recently Added to SGD‘ page via the ‘New Yeast Papers‘ link in the Literature pull-down menu in the purple toolbar running across the top of most SGD webpages.

If you have a paper that should be in SGD but isn’t, please let us know so we can add it! Just shoot us an email, or use SGD’s Submit Data form (found in the Community pull-down menu in the purple toolbar running across the top of most SGD webpages).

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