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Downloads files added to YeastMine

September 20, 2023

Back in the day, SGD maintained an FTP site to distribute data in various files. More recently, you have found these files in the SGD Downloads site. We have now moved these files to YeastMine:

From the YeastMine homepage, click Templates at top left. In the Filter, select ‘Downloads’ to constrain the list of templates.

The following templates are listed under Downloads:

Deleted Merged Features: Retrieve all deleted and merged features.

Retrieve Functional Complementation for genes: For gene(s), retrieve information about cross-species functional complementation between yeast and another species.

Retrieve GO Terms: Retrieve GO Terms, including name, ID, namespace, and definition.

Retrieve SGD chromosomal Features: Retrieve genes and other chromosomal features, including IDs, coordinates, and descriptions.

Retrieve all cross-references for all genes: Retrieve IDs for yeast gene and gene products in other databases.

Retrieve all domains of all genes: Retrieve Proteins/Genes that have a given domain.

Retrieve all interactions for all genes: Retrieve physical and genetic interactions for all genes.

Retrieve all pathways for all genes: Retrieve all metabolic pathways for all genes.

Retrieve protein properties of all proteins of ORFs: Retrieve protein properties, including pI, molecular weight, N-terminal and C-terminal sequences, codon bias, etc. of all proteins.

For help using YeastMine, please see the SGD Help Pages and YouTube Channel.

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