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Allele SGDIDs added to YeastMine

September 28, 2023

YeastMine is SGD’s data warehouse, powered by InterMine. We have so many templates (i.e., pre-defined queries) that provide access to so many different kinds of data!

A big area of focus for SGD and the yeast community is alleles. Alleles are different versions of genes that vary in DNA and sometimes protein sequence. Did you know that you can easily and quickly get all curated yeast allele data directly from YeastMine?

From the YeastMine home page, click ‘Templates‘ at top left. From there, filter for ‘allele’.

The Genes -> Alleles template returns data for one gene or a list of genes or the entire genome! Data include standard and systematic names for genes, gene name descriptions, allele names and descriptions, allele types, aliases, and references. SGDIDs for genes are included, and now SGDIDs for the alleles have been added. Previously, this query returned all of these data without the SGDIDs for the alleles. Based on user feedback, we have now made these allele SGDIDs available, so that they can be used to identify and distinguish different alleles. Enjoy!

There are thousands of alleles in SGD! Give the YeastMine Genes -> Alleles template a whirl! Get all the alleles for your favorite gene or list of genes.

For help using YeastMine, please see the SGD Help Pages and YouTube Channel.

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