Gene/Sequence Resources Help

Try Yeastmine for flexible queries and fast retrieval of chromosomal features, sequences, GO annotations, interaction data and phenotype annotations. The video tutorial Template Basics describes how to quickly retrieve this type of information in YeastMine. To find a comprehensive list of SGD's tutorials describing the many other features available in YeastMine and how to use them, visit SGD's YeastMine Video Tutorials page.

This resource allows retrieval of a list of options for accessing biological information, table/map displays, and sequence analysis tools for
1. a named gene or sequence,
2. a specified chromosomal region, or
3. a raw DNA or protein sequence.
1. Enter a Name
or the first few characters followed by *:

Gene - act1
SGDID - S000001855
GenBank Locus - YSCHELI
GenBank AccNo. - L00683
GenBank GI - gi:171655

If available, add flanking basepairs
upstream and downstream

OR2. Pick a chromosome:

Then enter coordinates (optional):
The entire chromosome sequence will be displayed if no coordinates are entered.

Note: Enter coordinates in ascending order for the Watson strand and descending order for the Crick strand.

OR3. Type or Paste a

The sequence MUST be provided in RAW format, no comments (numbers are okay).