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Michael Primig

E-mail Address
PositionINSERM Group Leader
Address Inserm U1085 IRSET
University of Rennes 1
Campus de Beaulieu
Rennes   35042
Work phone+33 2 23 23 61 78
Fax+33 2 23 23 50 55
Web Page(s) Research summary
Members of my Lab Frederic Chalmel
Bertrand Evrard
Aurelie Lardenois
Emmanuelle Becker
Marie-Helene Guilleux
Soazik Jamin
Christine Kervarrec
Fabrice Petit
Lauriane Sedes
Associates/Collaborators Angelika Amon
Oscar M. Aparicio
Ronald W. Davis
Randy S. Strich
Lars Steinmetz
Keywords meiosis
transcription factors
non-coding RNAs
Research Topics Transcription and gene expression
Cell growth and development
Functional genomics/proteomics
Bioinformatics/computational biology
Research Interests We are interested in mechanisms driving the meiotic expression program in yeast and mammals. We currently focus on regulatory proteins, non-coding RNAs and enzymes involved in transcript stability.
Last Update2012-09-18