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Edward J. Louis

E-mail Address
ProfessionYeast Geneticist
OrganizationUniversity of Leicester
Address Dept of Genetics
Centre for Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits
Leicester   LE1 7RH
United Kingdom
Work phone+44 (0) 1162297813
Other phone+44(0) 7972140882
Fax+44 (0) 1162523378
Web Page(s) Lab
Research summary
Members of my Lab Marcus Marvin
Dave Barton
Sarah Sharp
Amany ALQosaibi
Usha Aryal
Ayesha Farooq
Kay Leung
Agnieszka Maslowska
Yan Huang
Stephanie Kocura
Theresa Liberal
Tom Walsh
Associates/Collaborators Anders Blomberg
Ian D. Hickson
Ian N. Roberts
Gianni Liti
Conrad Nieduszynski
Richard Durbin
Associated Gene Names YKU80SGS1YKU70NEJ1
Keywords recombination
quantitative genetics
Genome Evolution
Complex traits
Research Topics DNA replication, recombination and repair
Nuclear structure/function
Chromatin, telomeres, centromeres
Functional genomics/proteomics
Research Interests Population genomics and complex traits, quantitative genetics. Telomeres - recombination, dynamics, expression, evolution, maintenance in absence of telomerase, role in genome stability, subnuclear architecture.
Last Update2013-09-24