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Total Hits : 12
Number of Unique Sequence Entries Hit : 12
Sequences Searched : 5916
Entered nucleotide pattern : YGGTWCAMWTGTY
Dataset : S. cerevisiae ORF Coding DNA
Strand : both strands

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The black | on each chromosome bar indicates the matching position

Sequence NameHit NumberMatching PatternMatching PositionsMatching ResultRetrieveLocus Information
YBL017C/PEP11GACAAGTGTACCG19421954SequenceRestrictionMapType I transmembrane sorting receptor for multiple vacuolar hydrolases
YDL236W/PHO131TGGTACAAATGTT573585SequenceRestrictionMapConserved phosphatase acting as a metabolite repair enzyme
YER044C-A/MEI41AACATTTGAACCG762774SequenceRestrictionMapMeiosis-specific protein involved in forming DSBs
YFL016C/MDJ11GACAATTGTACCA847859SequenceRestrictionMapCo-chaperone that stimulates HSP70 protein Ssc1p ATPase activity
YFR024C-A/LSB31GACAATTGTACCG556568SequenceRestrictionMapProtein containing a C-terminal SH3 domain
YJR137C/MET51GACAATTGAACCA11131125SequenceRestrictionMapSulfite reductase beta subunit
YKR103W/NFT11TGGTTCAAATGTT410422SequenceRestrictionMapPutative transporter of the MRP subfamily
YMR034C/RCH11TGGTTCAAATGTT506518SequenceRestrictionMapPutative transporter
YMR059W/SEN151TGGTACAATTGTT330342SequenceRestrictionMapSubunit of the tRNA splicing endonuclease
YNL237W/YTP11AACATTTGTACCA876888SequenceRestrictionMapProbable type-III integral membrane protein of unknown function
YNL321W/VNX11TGGTACAAATGTT14761488SequenceRestrictionMapCalcium/H+ antiporter localized to the endoplasmic reticulum membrane
YOR142W/LSC11TGGTACAAATGTT177189SequenceRestrictionMapAlpha subunit of succinyl-CoA ligase

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