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Total Hits : 7
Number of Unique Sequence Entries Hit : 7
Sequences Searched : 5916
Entered peptide pattern : [WFY]XXXDN[RK][ST]
Dataset : S. cerevisiae ORF Protein

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Sequence NameHit NumberMatching PatternMatching PositionsMatching ResultRetrieveLocus Information
YGL131C/SNT21FVKFDNKT931938SequenceRestrictionMapSubunit of Snt2C complex, RING finger ubiquitin ligase (E3)
YIL073C/SPO221YIIKDNKS924931SequenceRestrictionMapMeiosis-specific protein essential for chromosome synapsis
YKL173W/SNU1141FELFDNKT446453SequenceRestrictionMapGTPase component of U5 snRNP involved in mRNA splicing via spliceosome
YKL210W/UBA11YKLIDNKT882889SequenceRestrictionMapUbiquitin activating enzyme (E1)
YNR031C/SSK21YNLSDNKT981988SequenceRestrictionMapMAP kinase kinase kinase of HOG1 mitogen-activated signaling pathway
YOL018C/TLG21YNNDDNKT352359SequenceRestrictionMapSyntaxin-like t-SNARE
YPR051W/MAK31YIAVDNKS4855SequenceRestrictionMapCatalytic subunit of the NatC type N-terminal acetyltransferase (NAT)

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