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Updated Resource: YPL+

January 25, 2012

Links to YPL+ (the Yeast Protein LocalizationPlus Database) have been added to the “Protein Information” section of SGD Locus Summary pages. YPL+ is a recently upgraded version of the YPL image database, and has been expanded to include GFP-localization data for more than 3500 genes. Data in YPL+ are derived from a collection of GFP fusion constructs generated by C-terminal chromosomal tagging (Huh et al., 2003, Nature 425, 686-691) as well as a collection of proteins involved in lipid-metabolism, constructed by in vivo recombination (Natter et al., 2005, Mol. Cell. Proteomics 4(5), 662-672). Thanks to¬†Sepp Kohlwein for help in setting up these links.