New & Noteworthy

Sixty New Expression Analysis Datasets

March 5, 2013

Sixty new datasets have been added to our expression analysis tool at SGD, facilitating the rapid identification of co-expressed genes based on patterns of expression shared with query gene(s) across the entire collection. Expression data are now available at SGD from a comprehensive collection of 430 datasets representing 9190 microarrays from a total of 286 publications. The expression analysis tool can be accessed via the Expression tab and Expression Summary histogram located on Locus Summary pages, or using the ‘Expression’ option in the Function pulldown in the menu bar at the top of SGD pages. The new data will by default be included with the previous data when using the ‘New Search’, ‘Show Expression Levels’, or ‘Dataset Listing’ options. Alternatively, the new datasets can be specifically filtered using the dataset tag ‘not yet curated’. All of the RNA expression data are available for download in expression directory. Datasets are grouped by publication and are in PCL format.