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Locus Overview

Systematic Name
Feature Type
multigene locus
Ribosomal DNA (rDNA); an approximately 1-2 Mb region on the right arm of chr. XII consisting of 100-200 tandem copies of a 9.1 kb repeat which contains the genes for 5S, 5.8S, 25S and 18S rRNAs (represented by the RDN37, RDN25, RDN18, RDN58, and RDN5 loci); a specific histone modification (H3K56ac) regulates RNA polymerase I transcription of the ribosomal DNA 1 2
Sequence Details


The S. cerevisiae Reference Genome sequence is derived from laboratory strain S288C. Download DNA or protein sequence, view genomic context and coordinates. Click "Sequence Details" to view all sequence information for this locus, including that for other strains.


Depicts genomic context; mouse over to view names, coordinates, and brief descriptions. Use the links to GBrowse and ORF Map for an interactive view of this region.

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Genetic Position
105 cM


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Feature Feature Systematic Name Feature Type Relative Coordinates Coordinates Strand Coord. Version Seq. Version

Summary Paragraph

A summary of the locus, written by SGD Biocurators following a thorough review of the literature. Links to gene names and curated GO terms are included within the Summary Paragraphs.

Last Updated: 2004-03-25

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List of references used specifically on this page as citations for information in the Overview (e.g. gene names, aliases, Descriptions), Summary Paragraph, or History sections. The complete list of curated references associated with this locus can be found by clicking on the "Literature" tab for this locus.