New & Noteworthy

Links to DRYGIN added to SGD Locus Summary and Interactions pages

June 23, 2012

SGD now provides links from both the Locus Summary and Interactions pages for each S. cerevisiae ORF to DRYGIN (Data Repository of Yeast Genetic Interactions), a database of quantitative genetic interactions of S. cerevisiae (Koh et al., 2010). These genetic interactions were determined from SGA double-mutant arrays conducted in Charles Boone’s laboratory at the University of Toronto, and include both published data (Costanzo et al., 2010) and new interactions released by the Boone laboratory as they become available. Clicking on a DRYGIN link in SGD from an ORF’s Locus Summary or Interactions page goes directly to the DRYGIN search results page for that ORF, which lists both positive and negative genetic interactions as well as any genetic correlations for the given ORF.