SGD Video Tutorials:  Biochemical Pathways (YeastCyc)

YeastCyc is a database of metabolic pathways in Saccharomyces species, primarily, the model eukaryote S. cerevisiae. YeastCyc contains information about pathways, reactions, enzymes and compounds; this information has been manually curated from the scientific literature and can be readily queried, visualized, and analyzed. YeastCyc was built using Pathway Tools software developed by Peter Karp and colleagues at SRI International.

These tutorials demonstrate how to navigate to and within YeastCyc, and highlight some key features, such as querying for pathways by keywords or browsing by ontologies, and using the cellular overview to visualize high-throughput experimental data.

For further information about how YeastCyc was built, please view YeastCyc Background. For further help on how to use the tool, please view the written documentation How to Use a Pathway Tools Website.



  1. Overviews & Navigation
  2. The Cellular Overview

Overviews & Navigation

An overview of YeastCyc's major features, including curated pathway lists, pathway ontologies, the cellular overview of S. cerevisiae pathways, and how to download a metabolic pathway poster! (2 minutes, 4 seconds; posted 03/28/12)
Find and display biochemical pathway data in SGD. (2 minutes, 22 seconds; posted 03/06/12)

The Cellular Overview

Use the Cellular Overview display to view biochemical pathways and overlay new data. (2 minutes, 17 seconds; posted 10/03/11)


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