SGD Help: Transcription Factor Binding Site References

The "Transcription Factor Binding Site References" page provides the following types of information about a transcriptional regulator's DNA binding sites:

Binding Site Count Gives the total number of binding sites predicted in the genome for the transcriptional regulator of interest. The number reflects only those binding sites from data sets included in the SGD database.
Binding Site Locations The "View binding site locations" link opens up a GBrowse display with all of the binding site locations for the transcriptional regulator mapped to the S288C genome. In the GBrowse map, both the binding site name and chromosomal coordinates are hyperlinked to a more detailed GBrowse view. In the more detailed display, it is possible to increase the viewing interval on the GBrowse map from ~10bp up to 1.5 Mbp using the Scroll/Zoom pulldown menu on the right-hand side of the GBrowse display.
Binding Site Unique identifier for the specific binding site.
Chromosomal Coordinates Exact location of the specific individual binding site. Chromosomal coordinates are hyperlinked to a detailed GBrowse view of the binding site mapped to the S288C genome.
References Publication from which the binding site was curated. Currently, DNA-binding sites for 102 transcriptional regulators [as mapped by Harbison et al.(2004)] have been added to the SGD database. Additional data files are available from their supplemental website. The binding sites in SGD are the highest confidence binding sites, with a score of < 0.001 and conservation in at least two other Saccharomyces species. Please see the paper for more details.

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