SGD Help: Genomic View

Genomic View is is a gateway to two map displays, the Features Map and GBrowse, for any selected region of a yeast chromosome.


  1. Description of Genomic View
  2. Using Genomic View

Description of Genomic View

The S. cerevisiae Genomic View shows the sixteen chromosomes of S. cerevisiae illustrated as bar graphs. Each chromosome is a bar, and their relative sizes are accurate. A few genes are listed on each chromosome as markers, and the centromeres are illustrated as black circles. The left arms of the chromosomes are to the left of the centromeres and the right arms are to the right. The approximate length of a chromosome can be determined by comparison to the numbers at the top of the graph, showing 200,000 bp increments. The Genomic View of the first four chromosomes is shown below:

Using Genomic View

To use Genomic View, select the type of map you want to display from the "Map Type" pull-down menu (Features Map or GBrowse). Then use your mouse to click on any section of any chromosome. Note that when the cursor is positioned over a section of a chromosome, the "Selection" display shows the chromosomal basepair coordinates that will be shown in the selected map type.


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