SGD Help: Clone Pages

The Clone Pages describe basic information and resources for S. cerevisiae clones annotated by SGD.


  1. Basic Information
  2. Resources
  3. Searching for Clones

Basic Information

The Basic Information section lists both the ATCC Clone number (with a link to order the clone from ATCC) and the corresponding Washington University Clone number (when present), as well as the following:

  • Feature Type - The Feature Type for all clones, regardless of origin, is simply "clone".
  • Sequence Information - The Sequence Information field lists the chromosome number and coordinates to which the specific clone maps. Also included are links to two map displays (SGD's ORF Map and GMOD's GBrowse), as well as links to the individual Locus Pages of all features included, either partially or completely, in the clone.


The Resources section provides resources for retrieval and analysis of the DNA sequence for a particular clone.

Searching for Clones

The Clone Search allows you to search for DNA clones using the following criteria:

  • a 4 digit number (to search for a WashU clone)
  • a 5 digit number (to search for an ATCC lambda or cosmid clone)
  • the ORF name (the wild card "*" may be used)

Searching by clone number takes you to a page that displays the information for that clone. For clone searches using an ORF name, the result will be a list of clones that contain part of or all of the ORF used as your search criterion.

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