SGD maintains help documentation for tools and data types. Help pages for individual tools can be accessed via the question mark symbol found in the upper right section of that page. Help pages are context dependent; the link will point to documentation for the page you are viewing.

Contacting SGD

Please send comments or questions to the SGD project via this form. Alternatively, email us at or call us at (650) 725-8956.


Video Tutorials- short tutorials describing specific aspects of various SGD tools and features, including Biochemical Pathways, the YeastMine data search tool, the SPELL expression analysis tool, the genome viewer GBrowse, and more.

Help Documents

General features- getting started in SGD, finding information about your favorite genes, what's known about the S. cerevisiae genome, glossary of terms

Analyze - DNA or protein sequences, function annotation, primers, restriction maps

Sequence - find and retrieve, compare strains and species, chromosome history, reference genome

Function - interactions, phenotypes, localization, expression, regulation, pathways

Literature - search full text, find new papers, genome-wide analysis papers

Community - colleagues, job postings, meetings, reserve gene names, and more