New & Noteworthy

Expanding the View of the Functional Budding Yeast Genome

February 25, 2011

In an effort to provide a comprehensive view of all of the sequence-based functional elements in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome, SGD will collect sequence-based functional feature annotations from published datasets, aimed at charting the yeast transcriptome (e.g. protein-coding genes, non-coding RNAs), chromatin landscapes (e.g. nucleosome phasing, histone modifications and variations), as well as cataloging regulatory sequence elements (e.g. transcription factor binding sites, splicing signals) and more.

We have upgraded our GBrowse genome viewer to allow users to quickly and easily browse this information-rich view of the yeast genome. In addition, 17 new data tracks have been added, including recent surveys of the budding yeast transcriptome (Nagalakshmi et al. 2008; Xu et al. 2009; Yassour et al. 2009) and catalogs of regions favored for recombination and replication events (Mancera et al. 2008; Buhler et al. 2007; Xu et al. 2006; Eaton et al. 2010). We invite authors to work with us to integrate their data into our GBrowse viewer pre- and/or post-publication as we move forward. Watch for the regular addition of new tracks to SGD’s GBrowse in the future! Please contact us if you are interested in participating or have questions and comments.