Unpublished Data

This directory contains retired files from unpublished work that are not regularly updated. Please see the accompanying README documents for more information.

  Name Description README
codon/ Codon usage tables for a variety of organisms and organelles. Tables for S. cerevisiae are based on SGD genome version R64-1-1 (January 2011).  [TXT]
genetic_footprinting/ Phenotypic fitness results from a genetic footprinting study performed in 2004. [TXT]
Scerevisiae_vs_Scerevisiae_1999/ Results of an all by all comparison of ORF DNA and protein sequences performed in 1999 using the Smith-Waterman algorithm. readme-icon
TRIPLES/ TRIPLES dataset: TRansposon-Insertion Phenotypes, Localization, and Expression in Saccharomyces. Originally produced by the Yale Genome Analysis Center (YGAC) in 2000. readme-icon
vectordb/ GenBank files with sequence of relevant plasmid vectors collected in VectorDB. Last updated in 1997. readme-icon