Curated Data

Literature Curated Data

Information curated or otherwise assembled by the SGD staff.

  Name Description README
[TXT] Biochemical pathway data in SGD [TXT]
[TXT] Functional complementation between yeast and human genes [TXT]
[   ] gene_association.sgd.gz Gene Ontology (GO) annotations for yeast genes [TXT]
[TXT] Literature Guide information for references in SGD [TXT]
[TXT] List of genetic loci with associated information [TXT]
[TXT] Mapping of gene products to Macromolecular Complex GO-Slim terms [TXT]
[TXT] Mapping of gene products to GO-Slim terms [TXT]
[TXT] GO terms and their definitions [TXT]
[TXT] Interaction data incorporated into SGD from BioGRID [TXT]
[TXT] Curated phenotype data in SGD readme-icon
[   ] yeastcyc15_201401.tar.gz Files to install Yeast Biochemical Pathways using Pathway Tools software  readme-icon
[DIR] archive Previous versions of Literature Curated Data files  


Chromosomal Features

Information about S. cerevisiae chromosomal features annotated in SGD.

  Name Description README
[TXT] SGD_CDS_xref.txt SGD cross references for CDS entries in GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ [TXT]
[TXT] Chromosomal features, coordinates, gene descriptions. [TXT]
[TXT] SGD_ncRNA_xref.txt SGD cross references for ncRNA entries in GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ [TXT]
[TXT] Lengths of the chromosomes, with RefSeq identifiers [TXT]
[TXT] Yeast clones from WashU in St. Louis and the ATCC [TXT]
[TXT] Mappings between SGD and external identifiers [TXT]
[TXT] List of deleted or merged chromosomal features [TXT]
[TXT] Genetic two-point data submitted to SGD [TXT]
[TXT] Paralog data from the Yeast Gene Order Browser [TXT]
[TXT] saccharomyces_cerevisiae.gff Genomic sequence features, coordinates and annotations. Used to load the genome browser. [TXT]
[TXT] scerevisiae_2-micron.gff 2-micron plasmid sequence features, coordinates and annotations. [TXT]
[TXT] scerevisiae_clonedata.gff Yeast clones from WashU in St. Louis and the ATCC, in Generic Feature Format Version 3 (gff3) [TXT]
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Calculated Protein Information

Information about S. cerevisiae proteins and hypothetical peptides.

[ICO] Name Description README
[TXT] InterProScan results [TXT]
[TXT] Basic protein information for each ORF in SGD [TXT]
[DIR] hypothetical_peptides/ All possible peptides of 20 amino acids or greater [TXT]
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[DIR] archive of protein_properties Previous versions of protein_properties data files  
[DIR] archive of hypothetical_peptides Previous versions of hypothetical_peptides data files