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Create, Analyze, Save: the Power of Gene Lists in YeastMine

May 30, 2014

If you love to make and analyze lists of genes, you will love YeastMine – you can use it to create all kinds of lists! For instance, use a YeastMine template to search for all genes associated with a given GO term or phenotype observable and save these genes as a list. Or, search for all genes that interact with your gene of interest and save that as a gene list.

What’s even more fun is that you can make lists from your lists! For instance, take the list of genes you found to be associated with a given GO term and plug it into a YeastMine query template to find all the genes that interact with your list of genes – then save those genes as a list. The possibilities are endless given the different types of queries you can perform using YeastMine! Who knows what biological connections you will uncover?

Lastly, save your lists for future use by creating a MyMine account – all you need to sign up is an email and a password.

You can find a link to YeastMine in the top right corner of most SGD pages (“YeastMine: Batch Analysis or Advanced Search”) or go to SGD’s purple main menu bar, click on “Analyze” and select “Gene Lists” to go straight to creating a List in YeastMine.

To see how simple it is to save your search results as a List in YeastMine, view this brief tutorial – YeastMine: Saving Search Results as a List. To view other great SGD tutorials, YeastMine and otherwise, visit and “Subscribe” to the Saccharomyces Genome Database Channel on YouTube.