SGD Help: Chromosomal Features Map

The Chromosomal Features Map is a graphic representation of the genetic features of a region of chromosomal DNA, including centromeres, tRNAs, RNA genes, Ty transposons or LTR elements, rRNAs or snRNAs.


  1. Using the Chromosomal Features Map
  2. Accessing the Chromosomal Features Map

Using the Chromosomal Features Map

In this map, the genes and ORFs from the Watson strand (top strand) are red, while those on the Crick strand (bottom strand) are blue. The 5' end of the Watson strand is indicated in red on the left and the 5' end of the Crick strand on the right. Centromeres are black circles, tRNAs are green, rRNAs are beige, snRNAs are dark purple, other RNA genes are gray, transposons are yellow and LTRs are fuchsia. A legend is provided at the bottom of the page. The chromosomal coordinates are listed at the left and right of each line (in multiples of 20,000 bp). The entire chromosome is shown as an ideogram at the top of the display. You can click on this ideogram to display a different region of the chromosome.

A portion of the Chromosomal Features Map for RAD54 is shown below:

Every genetic feature on the map is a link to the Locus or Sequence page for that feature. You can click either the text (the gene or ORF name) or the symbol (colored boxes or the black circle).

You can easily move along the chromosome using the "Retrieve Features Left" or "Retrieve Features Right" buttons located between the map and the legend. The resulting map will have an overlap with the previous map, to help you orient yourself in the sequence.

At the bottom of the page are links to related SGD pages.

Accessing the Chromosomal Features Map

The Chromosomal Features Map can be accessed by entering the desired region in Gene/Sequence Resources and choosing "Chromosomal Features Map" as the display method.

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