YLR286W-A Feature History Help

Sequence Annotation Notes
2003-07-29Thanks to Kumar et al. for providing the coordinates of the following Chromosome XII ORFs: YLL019W-A, YLL066W-A, YLL066W-B, YLL067W-A, YLR406C-A, YLR437C-A, YLR466C-A, YLR466C-B, YLR467C-A, YLR120W-A, YLR154W-A, YLR154W-E, YLR157W-D, YLR157W-E, YLR286W-A, YLR299C-A, YLR347W-A, and YLR399W-A.

Kumar A, et al.  (2002) An integrated approach for finding overlooked genes in yeast. Nat Biotechnol 20(1):58-63