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Sequence Annotation Notes
2009-03-19RNA sequencing data from Yassour et al. 2009 indicate the presence of a novel transcription unit at the YMR194C locus that spans both the dubious ORF YMR194C-A and the uncharacterized ORF YMR194C-B. The transcription unit also includes a 200-bp 3'UTR past the predicted stop codon of YMR194C-A, suggesting a recent pseudogene.

Yassour M, et al.  (2009) Ab initio construction of a eukaryotic transcriptome by massively parallel mRNA sequencing. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106(9):3264-9
1998-05-21The following 27 ORFs were added to the genome annotation based on Velculescu et al. 1997: YBL091C-A, YBL107W-A, YCR018C-A, YCR102W-A, YDL130W-A, YDR034C-A, YDR034W-B, YDR363W-A, YDR525W-A, YER048W-A, YER091C-A, YER138W-A, YGR122C-A, YIR020W-B, YKL033W-A, YKL053C-A, YKL162C-A, YLL018C-A, YLR262C-A, YML081C-A, YMR046W-A, YMR158C-B, YMR194C-A, YNR032C-A, YOL013W-A, YOR298C-A, and YPR002C-A.

The coordinates of the tag sequences along the genome were determined and each tag was classified into one of these four categories: 1) class 1 - within an existing ORF, 2) class 2 - within 500 bp downstream of existing an ORF, 3) class 4 - opposite of an existing ORF, or 4) class 3 - none of the above. The regions between two existing ORFs which contained one or more unique class 3 tags (number 4) above) were examined for potential coding sequences in which the unique tag was located either within the coding sequence or 500bp downstream of this sequence. BLASTP analysis was then performed for each potential ORF meeting these criteria against the non-redundant (nr) NCBI dataset, and those with a P value exponent of -6 or less were analyzed further. The BLAST results were analyzed on an individual basis for each potential ORF meeting the above criteria. Those potential ORFs which exhibited reasonable homology to other proteins, and did not appear to be matched with other proteins based on homology to repetitive sequences alone, were identified and entered into SGD.

Velculescu VE, et al.  (1997) Characterization of the yeast transcriptome. Cell 88(2):243-51