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Nomenclature History
An SGD Standard Name was first assigned to this gene on 2008-06-08.
Standard Name Reference
URN1 Field DJ, et al.  (2006) personal communication Bonet R, et al.  (2008) Solution structure of the yeast URN1 splicing factor FF domain: Comparative analysis of charge distributions in FF domain structures-FFs and SURPs, two domains with a similar fold. Proteins 73(4):1001-1009
Reserved Name Note
2008-12-10Pre-mRNA splicing factor that is associated with the U2-U5-U6 snRNPs, the RES complex, and the Prp19-associated complex (NTC; URN is for "U2-u5-u6 snRNPs, Res complex, and Nineteen complex interacting"). Null mutants have synthetic genetic interactions with U2 snRNA mutants, and several pre-mRNA splicing factor mutants.

Field DJ, et al.  (2006) personal communication