CIN2/YPL241C Locus History Help

Nomenclature History
Standard Name Reference
CIN2 Stearns T, et al.  (1990) Yeast mutants sensitive to antimicrotubule drugs define three genes that affect microtubule function. Genetics 124(2):251-62 Stearns, T. and Botstein, D.  (1989) Personal Communication, Mortimer Map Edition 10
Mapping Notes
1994-08-01Edition 12: cin2 is 100bp downstream of HSP82

Mortimer RK, et al.  (1994) "Genetic and Physical maps of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Edition 12)". Pp. 374-377 in 1994 Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Meeting Program and Abstracts. Bethesda, MD: The Genetics Society of America