DIS3/YOL021C Locus History Help

Nomenclature History
Standard Name Reference
DIS3 Noguchi E, et al.  (1996) Dis3, implicated in mitotic control, binds directly to Ran and enhances the GEF activity of RCC1. EMBO J 15(20):5595-605
Other Name(s)Reference
MTR17 Smith SB, et al.  (2011) Pronounced and extensive microtubule defects in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae DIS3 mutant. Yeast 28(11):755-69
RRP44 Mitchell P, et al.  (1997) The exosome: a conserved eukaryotic RNA processing complex containing multiple 3'-->5' exoribonucleases. Cell 91(4):457-66