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Nomenclature History
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RAD52 SGD  (2007) Information without a citation in SGD ()
Sequence Annotation Notes
2003-01-07The start site of RAD52/YML032C has been moved 99 nt downstream from 214029 to 213930. Chromosomal coordinates change from old:214029-212515 to new:213930-212515. Relative coordinates change from old:1-1515 to new:1-1416. In S. paradoxus, S. bayanus, and S. mikatae, the first in-frame ATG aligns with the third start codon in S. cerevisiae. This change is also supported by the following evidence: (1) mutational analysis by the Rothstein lab (A. Antunez de Mayolo, M. Lisby, N. Erdeniz); (2) additional sequence analysis done by Tanja Thybo Frederiksen in Uffe Mortensen's lab; (3) mRNA analysis described in Adzuma et al.

Adzuma K, et al.  (1984) Primary structure of the RAD52 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Mol Cell Biol 4(12):2735-44