RTT102/YGR275W Locus History Help

Nomenclature History
An SGD Standard Name was first assigned to this gene on 2002-01-10.
Standard Name Reference
RTT102 Scholes DT, et al.  (2001) Multiple regulators of Ty1 transposition in Saccharomyces cerevisiae have conserved roles in genome maintenance. Genetics 159(4):1449-65
Nomenclature History Notes
2001-10-10There is a typo in the ORF information in the paper by Fiori et al (2000), YEAST, 16(4): 377-86 for RTT102.
2001-10-10ORF information in the paper by Fiori et al (2000), YEAST, 16(4): 377-86 for RTT102 is wrong (confirmed by Dr.Scholes)
Sequence Annotation Notes
2003-09-22Based on the automated comparison of closely-related Saccharomyces species by Kellis et al., the start site for RTT102/YGR275W was moved 87 nt (29 codons) downstream. Evidence supporting this change includes: 1) This is the predicted start methionine in the majority of Saccharomyces species orthologs analyzed by Kellis et al. and/or Cliften et al.; 2) Significant sequence conservation begins abruptly at this predicted start methionine.

Kellis M, et al.  (2003) Sequencing and comparison of yeast species to identify genes and regulatory elements. Nature 423(6937):241-54
Cliften P, et al.  (2003) Finding functional features in Saccharomyces genomes by phylogenetic footprinting. Science 301(5629):71-6