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Sequence Annotation Notes
1998-05-30The following putative ORFs were originally included in the annotation of Chromosome III, but were later withdrawn: YCLX01W, YCLX02C, YCLX03C, YCLX04W, YCLX05C, YCLX06C, YCLX07W, YCLX09W, YCLX10C, YCLX11W, YCLX12W, YCRX01W, YCRX02C, YCRX03C, YCRX04W, YCRX05W, YCRX06W, YCRX07W, YCRX08W, YCRX09C, YCRX10W, YCRX11W, YCRX12W, YCRX14W, YCRX15W, YCRX16C, YCRX17W, YCRX18C, YCRX19W, YCRX20C, and YCRX21C.

SGD  (1998) Putative ORF Annotations on Chromosome III