PET18/YCR020C Locus History Help

Nomenclature History
Standard Name Reference
PET18 Kawakami, K.  (1992) Personal Communication, Mortimer Map Edition 11
Nomenclature History Notes
2009-10-22Note that the PET18 genetic name is a misnomer; the petite (respiratory-deficient) phenotype as well as the temperature sensitivity and inability to maintain killer double-stranded RNA virus exhibited by the original pet18 mutant are due to a deletion that affects several open reading frames in the region, and none of these phenotypes are exhibited by the pet18/ycr020c null mutant.

Toh-e A and Sahashi Y  (1985) The PET18 locus of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a complex locus containing multiple genes. Yeast 1(2):159-71
Lu YM, et al.  (2003) Dissecting the pet18 mutation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: HTL1 encodes a 7-kDa polypeptide that interacts with components of the RSC complex. Mol Genet Genomics 269(3):321-30
Mapping Notes
1992-10-01Edition 11: hit2 is allelic to pet18

Mortimer RK, et al.  (1992) Genetic and physical maps of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Edition 11. Yeast 8(10):817-902