YCL007C Feature History Help

Nomenclature History Notes
2004-01-20CWH36 was the standard name for YCL007C. However, following a publication by Davis-Kaplan et al., and upon consultation with the concerned researchers, it was clear that the Calcoflour White Hypersensitivity phenotype was from the overlapping ORF, YCL005W-A. Hence, SGD has moved CWH36 to be the alias name of YCL007C, changed the ORF type for YCL007C to be Dubious and made CWH36 the standard name of YCL005W-A and changed the ORF type for YCL005W-A to be Verified.

Davis-Kaplan SR, et al.  (2004) Genome-wide analysis of iron-dependent growth reveals a novel yeast gene required for vacuolar acidification. J Biol Chem 279(6):4322-9