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Standard Name PDS1 1, 2
Systematic Name YDR113C
Feature Type ORF, Verified
Description Securin; inhibits anaphase by binding separin Esp1p; blocks cyclin destruction and mitotic exit, essential for meiotic progression and mitotic cell cycle arrest; localization is cell-cycle dependent and regulated by Cdc28p phosphorylation (3, 4, 5, 6)
Name Description Precocious Dissociation of Sisters 1, 2
Chromosomal Location
ChrIV:681617 to 680496 | ORF Map | GBrowse
Note: this feature is encoded on the Crick strand.
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Molecular Function
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Biological Process
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Cellular Component
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Regulators 3 genes
Classical genetics
Large-scale survey
reduction of function
196 total interaction(s) for 118 unique genes/features.
Physical Interactions
  • Affinity Capture-MS: 7
  • Affinity Capture-RNA: 1
  • Affinity Capture-Western: 9
  • Biochemical Activity: 54
  • Protein-peptide: 1
  • Reconstituted Complex: 9
  • Two-hybrid: 4

Genetic Interactions
  • Dosage Lethality: 1
  • Dosage Rescue: 7
  • Negative Genetic: 28
  • Phenotypic Enhancement: 15
  • Phenotypic Suppression: 10
  • Synthetic Growth Defect: 14
  • Synthetic Lethality: 26
  • Synthetic Rescue: 10

Expression Summary
Length (a.a.) 373
Molecular Weight (Da) 41,838
Isoelectric Point (pI) 4.69
Phosphorylation PhosphoGRID | PhosphoPep Database
sequence information
ChrIV:681617 to 680496 | ORF Map | GBrowse
Note: this feature is encoded on the Crick strand.
Last Update Coordinates: 2011-02-03 | Sequence: 1996-07-31
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Coordinates Sequence
CDS 1..1122 681617..680496 2011-02-03 1996-07-31
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Primary SGDIDS000002520
References cited on this page View Complete Literature Guide for PDS1
1) Yamamoto A, et al.  (1996) Pds1p is required for faithful execution of anaphase in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J Cell Biol 133(1):85-97
2) Yamamoto A, et al.  (1996) Pds1p, an inhibitor of anaphase in budding yeast, plays a critical role in the APC and checkpoint pathway(s). J Cell Biol 133(1):99-110
3) Cohen-Fix O, et al.  (1996) Anaphase initiation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is controlled by the APC-dependent degradation of the anaphase inhibitor Pds1p. Genes Dev 10(24):3081-93
4) Cohen-Fix O and Koshland D  (1997) The anaphase inhibitor of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Pds1p is a target of the DNA damage checkpoint pathway. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 94(26):14361-6
5) Ciosk R, et al.  (1998) An ESP1/PDS1 complex regulates loss of sister chromatid cohesion at the metaphase to anaphase transition in yeast. Cell 93(6):1067-76
6) Cooper KF, et al.  (2009) Pds1p Is Required for Meiotic Recombination and Prophase I Progression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics 181(1):65-79