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Standard Name TFC3 1
Systematic Name YAL001C
Alias FUN24 2 , TSV115 3 , 4
Feature Type ORF, Verified
Description Subunit of RNA polymerase III transcription initiation factor complex; part of the TauB domain of TFIIIC that binds DNA at the BoxB promoter sites of tRNA and similar genes; cooperates with Tfc6p in DNA binding; largest of six subunits of the RNA polymerase III transcription initiation factor complex (TFIIIC) (1, 5, 6, 7)
Name Description Transcription Factor class C 1
Gene Product Alias tau 138 1
Chromosomal Location
ChrI:151166 to 147594 | ORF Map | GBrowse
Note: this feature is encoded on the Crick strand.
Genetic position: -1 cM
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Molecular Function
Manually curated
Biological Process
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Cellular Component
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Regulators 3 genes
Classical genetics
Large-scale survey
62 total interaction(s) for 39 unique genes/features.
Physical Interactions
  • Affinity Capture-MS: 28
  • Affinity Capture-RNA: 2
  • Affinity Capture-Western: 11
  • Co-fractionation: 1
  • Far Western: 1

Genetic Interactions
  • Dosage Rescue: 16
  • Synthetic Lethality: 1
  • Synthetic Rescue: 2

Expression Summary
Length (a.a.) 1,160
Molecular Weight (Da) 132,107
Isoelectric Point (pI) 10.16
Phosphorylation PhosphoGRID | PhosphoPep Database
sequence information
ChrI:151166 to 147594 | ORF Map | GBrowse
Note: this feature is encoded on the Crick strand.
Genetic position: -1 cM
Last Update Coordinates: 2011-02-03 | Sequence: 1996-07-31
Subfeature details
Most Recent Updates
Coordinates Sequence
CDS 1..70 151166..151097 2011-02-03 1996-07-31
Intron 71..160 151096..151007 2011-02-03 1996-07-31
CDS 161..3573 151006..147594 2011-02-03 1996-07-31
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Primary SGDIDS000000001
References cited on this page View Complete Literature Guide for TFC3
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