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Standard Name RHO4 1
Systematic Name YKR055W
Feature Type ORF, Verified
Description Non-essential small GTPase; member of the Rho/Rac subfamily of Ras-like proteins; likely to be involved in the establishment of cell polarity; has long N-terminal extension that plays an important role in Rho4p function and is shared with Rho4 homologs in other yeasts and filamentous fungi (2, 3, 4 and see Summary Paragraph)
Name Description Ras HOmolog 1
Chromosomal Location
ChrXI:548216 to 549091 | ORF Map | GBrowse
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Molecular Function
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Biological Process
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Cellular Component
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Regulators 4 genes
Classical genetics
Large-scale survey
100 total interaction(s) for 69 unique genes/features.
Physical Interactions
  • Affinity Capture-MS: 3
  • Affinity Capture-RNA: 1
  • Affinity Capture-Western: 1
  • Biochemical Activity: 2
  • Reconstituted Complex: 1
  • Two-hybrid: 8

Genetic Interactions
  • Dosage Growth Defect: 1
  • Dosage Rescue: 9
  • Negative Genetic: 56
  • Phenotypic Enhancement: 2
  • Synthetic Growth Defect: 5
  • Synthetic Lethality: 5
  • Synthetic Rescue: 6

Expression Summary
Length (a.a.) 291
Molecular Weight (Da) 32,185
Isoelectric Point (pI) 6.66
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sequence information
ChrXI:548216 to 549091 | ORF Map | GBrowse
Last Update Coordinates: 2011-02-03 | Sequence: 1996-07-31
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CDS 1..876 548216..549091 2011-02-03 1996-07-31
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Primary SGDIDS000001763

RHO4 encodes a non-essential small GTPase in the Rho/Rac subfamily of Ras-like GTPases (5). Other S. cerevisiae Rho GTPases are encoded by RHO1, RHO2, RHO3, RHO5, and CDC42 (3). Like other eukaryotic Rho-type GTPases, Rho4p is likely to be involved in the establishment of cell polarity (3). Rho4p regulates interaction between Bnr1p and Hof1p, two proteins implicated in cytoskeletal organization (6). Deletion of RHO4 causes no apparent defect, but null mutations in RHO3 and RHO4 are synthetically lethal (5, 3). The GTPase activity of Rho4p is positively regulated by the GTPase activating protein (GAP) Rgd1p (2).

Note: The sequence first published for RHO4 1 is missing the first 61 codons (7). Experiments using the truncated RHO4 construct may give different results from those using the full-length construct.

2000-06-16 MIDORI (updated with assistance from Daniel R. TerBush)

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