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Standard Name MAK6 1
Alias LTS5 2
Feature Type not physically mapped
Chromosomal Location
Genetic position: 8 cM
sequence information
Genetic position: 8 cM
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Primary SGDIDS000029286
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1) Wickner RB  (1977) Deletion of Mitochondrial DNA Bypassing a Chromosomal Gene Needed for Maintenance of the Killer Plasmid of Yeast. Genetics 87(3):441-452
2) Ridley SP, et al.  (1984) Superkiller mutations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae suppress exclusion of M2 double-stranded RNA by L-A-HN and confer cold sensitivity in the presence of M and L-A-HN. Mol Cell Biol 4(4):761-70