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Standard Name CDC65 1, 2
Systematic Name tQ(CUG)M
Alias DNA33 3 , SUP70 4 , SUP60 5
Feature Type tRNA
Description Glutamine tRNA (tRNA-Gln), predicted by tRNAscan-SE analysis; can mutate to cause constitutive pseudohyphal growth in homozygous diploids (4, 6, 7, 8)
Name Description Cell Division Cycle
Chromosomal Location
ChrXIII:808317 to 808246 | ORF Map | GBrowse
Note: this feature is encoded on the Crick strand.
Genetic position: 187 cM
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Molecular Function
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Biological Process
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Cellular Component
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Classical genetics
reduction of function
5 total interaction(s) for 5 unique genes/features.
Physical Interactions
  • Reconstituted Complex: 1

Genetic Interactions
  • Dosage Rescue: 1
  • Synthetic Growth Defect: 1
  • Synthetic Lethality: 2

sequence information
ChrXIII:808317 to 808246 | ORF Map | GBrowse
Note: this feature is encoded on the Crick strand.
Genetic position: 187 cM
Last Update Coordinates: 2011-02-03 | Sequence: 2000-05-19
Subfeature details
Most Recent Updates
Coordinates Sequence
Noncoding exon 1..72 808317..808246 2011-02-03 2000-05-19
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Primary SGDIDS000006690
References cited on this page View Complete Literature Guide for CDC65
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