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Standard Name BIO1 1
Systematic Name YAR070W-A
Feature Type not in systematic sequence of S288C
Description Putative pimeloyl-CoA synthetase involved in biotin biosynthesis; highly degraded pseudogenic paralog of YJR154W; functional copies present in S. cerevisiae strains YJM627 and A364a; functional pimeloyl-CoA synthetase (PCAS) genes are homologs of the bioW gene in Bacillus sp. and the bioC-bioH complex of E. coli (1)
Name Description BIOtin 1
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Primary SGDIDS000125018
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1) Hall C and Dietrich FS  (2007) The Reacquisition of Biotin Prototrophy in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Involved Horizontal Gene Transfer, Gene Duplication and Gene Clustering. Genetics 177(4):2293-307