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Match Gene Name Systematic Name Alias(es) Position Info Description
21S_rRNA_4 21S_RRNA 21S_rRNA 21S_rRNA_3, 21S_rRNA_4

ChrMito:58009 to 62447 | ORF Map | GBrowse

Noncoding exon 1..2716 58009..60724
Intron 2717..3859 60725..61867
Noncoding exon 3860..4439 61868..62447

Mitochondrial 21S rRNA; intron encodes the I-SceI DNA endonuclease

21S_RRNA_4 21S_RRNA_4 21S_rRNA_4

ChrMito:61868 to 62447

Merged rRNA; does not encodes a discrete transcript; 21S_rRNA_4 was merged into 21S_rRNA_3 to produce a single feature named 21S_rRNA (See GenBank AJ011856)