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Standard Name ZOD1 1
Feature Type not physically mapped
Description tDNA relic, ancient tDNA for tRNA-Ile; weakly transcribed by RNA polymerase III; located upstream of UFO1; associated with components of the Pol III machinery: Tfc4p, Brf1p, Bdp1, and Rpc34p (2)
Name Description Zone Of Disparity 1
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Primary SGDIDS000077071
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1) Moqtaderi Z and Struhl K  (2004) Genome-wide occupancy profile of the RNA polymerase III machinery in Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals loci with incomplete transcription complexes. Mol Cell Biol 24(10):4118-27
2) Qi X, et al.  (2012) Retrotransposon profiling of RNA polymerase III initiation sites. Genome Res 22(4):681-92